Manor Network 2014

Feb 2014
The Bar, Manor Hall

Each year the Association organises an event to allow current residents of the Hall to meet some of their predecessor to find out what they've been up to since leaving Manor. Most of these alumni will now be in full time employment so it is an ideal opportunity to start making some contacts, there will be wine and light nibble available.


Free - Members of the MHA

£3 - Non-Members of the MHA

How to Book

If you and any of your guests would like to attend this event, it is important you book in advance (even if you're a member and it's free) so we can have a good estimate of numbers for wine and nibbles. Please complete the form below to confirm you attendance for youself and any of your guests, any non-members can pay on the night so long as we're aware you're attending.

Manor Network 2014 Guest List

Please remember to fill this form for each of your guests. Any non-members can pay on the door, no online payment neccessary! It's not the end of the world if you don't make it onto the guest list, but it will really help us when it comes to ordering in wine if we had a good indication of numbers.

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