The Elton House Award

Each year, up to two members of the Association are awarded the prestigious Elton House Award for outstanding service to the Manor Hall community. Nominated by their peers, award winners are recognised as pillars of Hall and through this award we are able to give a little back in thanks of their efforts.

Among other things, the recipients will receive three years free membership of the MHA. Nominations are accepted in the summer term and the winner announced at the end of the year.

The name of the award comes from the precursor to the Manor Hall Association, The Elton House Association which was founded in 1925. Elton House was one of the all-female student houses that were merged in 1932 to create Manor Hall. The rest, as they say, is history.



Catherine arrived at Manor Hall in 2008. She enjoyed her time at Manor, so decided to return for her second year and take the position of JCR Secretary. After a difficult year, in which she contributed greatly to the JCR and hall life, she decided to stay on in Manor Hall for her final year. She provided support for many other students during that time. After receiveing the Elton House Award and finishing her Law degree she was appointed a Senior Resident at Manor House, one of the annexes of Manor Hall. She was very proactive as a Senior Resident and she continued with that position until finding employment in the Spring of 2012 meant she had to move away from Bristol.



Peter received the Elton House Award at the end of his second year at Manor Hall. After being in Manor Hall for his first year, Peter gained the position of JCR Vice President under Rory Brennan as President. Peter was instrumental to the team. He worked very hard with the JCR Committee to make 2009/10 a successful year for the JCR, putting on many wonderful formals and other events. After winning the award, Peter stayed on at Manor for his third year, where he helped out with the hall Charity Committee. He helped organise many successful events, raising many hundreds of pounds for the hall charities. Peter continued on in hall as a Senior Resident for 2011/12 while he was studying for a Masters Degree at the university, again helping the Charity Committee as it's Tutor and being a valuable part of the Senior Resident team.


Electronic & Communications Engineering

During his time in Hall David was actively involved in the community life that makes Manor such a special place to live. The committee recieved a record number of nominations for the Elton House Award during the 2009/10 academic year, with David recieving a clear majority. This illustrated to the Awards Committee that his peers held him in high esteem, and after all this is what the Elton House Award seeks to recognise.

David has served on numerous JCR Committees as both Secretrary and later as an Officer without portfolio, such was his willingness to remain active in the life of the Hall, he held the former position during his second year when he was resident in the Hall itself. He has also played an influential role in the Hall's Charity Committee; acting as it's chairman and during his tenure he oversaw chairtable donations in excess of £2,000, which is a credit to his hard work and that of his committee. In later years David went on to become a Tutor a role in which he continued his involvement with the Charity Committee as well as the Hall's Computer Room.


Aeronautical Engineering

Andrew, along with Claudia, was the first recipient of the newly established Elton House Award. He arrived at Manor Hall in 2006 to read Aeronautical Engineering. Andrew returned to the Hall for his second and third years, serving on the JCR as Archivist and as Bar Treasurer respectively and was also heavily involved in the planning for the 75th Anniversary of the Hall in 2009. He was also active in the Hall's Christian Union. Since graduation, he has taken on a Senior Resident position until 2014, and has sat in various positions in the Association, including Chairman from 2010 - 2013. He continues today as Secretary and also as a Convocation Representative on Court. 


Claudia, along with Andrew was the first recipient of the Elton House Award. Claudia received the award at the end of her first year, shortly after becoming one of the CU leaders. She worked tirelessly behind the scenes to build up the Manor Hall community and gained the respect of many of her peers. Her service continued in the 2008/9 academic year as she returned to Manor Hall for her second year.